We Goin to the Ship (Part 1)

ImageI like big boats and I cannot lie. You other sailors can’t deny… Ok fine. I’ll stop. But that could have been an incredible Weird Al Remix! I always feel like when it comes to ships a lot of people give them a bad wrap. Why go by boat when you could fly anyway? It’s much faster and there’s no seasickness. That’s why I like it when they call planes “Airships” cause then they get included in the family of ships.

I really like spaceships. The Death Star and Imperial Star Destroyer from Star Wars. The USS Enterprise from Star Trek. Even the spaceships that are real that used to take people into space before we decided that space wasn’t that big of a deal (RIP Space Exploration). There’s something magical about having a crew get aboard and go deep into space, crossing light-years towards a location that few else are qualified or brace enough to venture towards.

Everyone needs to get on board a ship. I’m not talking about going to the ocean and taking a tour of a navy vessel (although that is a lot more fun than you can imagine if you have a child’s imagination like mine). I’m saying get on board a ship because there’s a destination out there that you’re meant to reach. I’d suggest boarding Ship #1 first:

USS Relationship

Ahhh yeah. I went clever on you. In your face! Relationships! The connection to someone where you give, receive, and share ideas, commonality, & expression! They are one of the most beautiful things that the human race has ever encountered. They are the foundation for what we are and why we exist.

Yet sadly, many people don’t fully participate in the depths of a relationship. They know about the size of the ship, the functions of the ship, and they’ve even heard of the benefits of the ship, but until you have gotten onto the ship, they don’t realize the full impact of the ship.

A strong, healthy, vibrant relationship can take you galaxies you’ve never been to! I think of some of the people in my life that know me the deepest and I know the deepest and it scares and excites me! The more people know my true self, the more they connect to my true self! The bad news of relationships is actually our good news of relationships!

That’s the foundation of the why Jesus came to Earth! He would connect to our true depravity and our potential, then He would do the only thing we couldn’t do for ourselves, redeem us. That’s a relationship greater than any other! If you don’t have a relationship with Him, talk to me. I’ll explain it in more detail.

I highly recommend writing down a quick list of the people that you need to build a stronger relationship. On my list right now is: My Dad, my friend Matt, & this guy named Johnny. The depth and strength of our current relationships vary greatly, but they are ships that are worth getting on because I know that together, we can go somewhere amazing. I’ll adjust this list as necessary as I build and move forward.

What are some of the ways you help build relationships? Comment below and let me know!

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