We Goin to the Ship (Part 2)

ImageImperial Discipleship Destroyer

ALL ABOARD! That sounds like a weird thing to say out loud. Yell it out right now and you’ll not only feel weird but you’ll get weird looks. Unless you’re a conductor. In which case, I salute you and admit that trains are the freaking bizz-knees. I think there’s another ship you get access to after you have some spent some time on the USS Relationship.

You will have the opportunity to go onto a ship called the Imperial Discipleship Navigator (or IDN for short, cousin to the IDK, the IDC, & the MY BFF Jill).  Discipleship is a different kind of ship. It’s like Relationship with way more intentionality. Let me explain.

In the course of a relationship, things are give and take. There’s encouragement when it’s needed, confrontation when necessary. It’s all built around the person’s engagement of what they want and don’t out of the relationship. If you’re a non-confrontational person, don’t expect to have friends that are all up in your business. It’s kind of an optional growth zone. You can choose to take part in the process or you can just let her go whatever direction she chooses.

Discipleship is nothing like that. There’s a direction. There’s a goal. It’s to get you to grow! Let me say that again. I want to make sure that set in. The purpose of boarding the IDN is that your capacity as ship increases.

When you’re on a ship that is different from yours you get a different perspective of what that ship can and can’t do. You can have a bunch of similar relationships but you can’t have a bunch of discipleships. We as humans lack the emotional resources to develop on multiple fronts at the same time. In order to fully learn from someone, you have to investigate them fully. If it’s a fast ship, you need to see why they are fast. Is it because they have a light structure or because they have put a ton of energy into the boosters? Are they a huge ship? How did they get that big? Did they design it that way? There are so many questions that have to be answered! It would be impossible to try to grow both fast and large at the same time. You get the point.

There is one thing about Discipleship you have to know. In order to be able to fully investigate the ship, you have to fully be on board. I think that’s why they yell out “All Aboard” at the beginning of the journey. They are letting you know, you cannot hope to go where we are going and stay at the station at the same time. You cannot reach our destination if you’re trying to reach another ship’s at the same time. You’re either with us or you’re not. This one took me a long time to learn. I’m still learning it. And a word of advice, don’t leave the ship until it stops. You’ll get really hurt, stranded, or you will fall apart.

If you get on the Discipleship and you learn and increase your ships capacity, and you make it to your destination, there’s one more ship that awaits you.

Have you ever jumped ship and wished you hadn’t? Tell me about it in the comments. I would love to hear your story.

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