Youth Ministry & Venereal Diseases

ImageEutychus. Sounds like a venereal disease (well that escalated quickly). I did some research awhile back on youth ministry in the New Testament. We don’t find mention of their being a lot of young people mentioned in the scriptures (which is probably why so many church find it easy to neglect them today). We see the young bloods pop a few times though. 

The first mention is in the case of the Holy Spirit vs the People of Ananias & Sapphira (Acts 5). Two wanna be generous real estate agents that didn’t give the Holy Spirit His cut. The HS, then strikes them both dead. Following this display of supernatural pay me my money, we have our first appearance of the “young bloods”. Scripture says that they show up and carry out the dead bodies of the two liars.

I’m not getting into the deep spiritual ramifications of lying to the Holy Spirit or being a real estate agent. Not my place. I do want to turn your attention a little farther to another story. We find this story in the Book of Acts, the 20th Chapter and the 8th Verse (this story cracks me up). Read it here.

Really? The first time we get a youth in church and they are falling asleep? Come on guys! We can do better than that! I totally get it, though. I’ve been in these environments before. Late night revivals in the 90’s where the adults would stay up all night preachin and praisin. My mom would ask me if my homework was done and if I had used the bathroom (back in these days, I was a bed wetter). After her interrogation, I would go up to get prayed for, give a courtesy drop, then sleep till the break of dawn (it was a different time, no judging).

This guy, Eutychus (every time I say his name I want to go wash my hands), fell asleep, fell out the window, and then fell into the center of a miracle. Here’s a couple thoughts on this story that may be applicable today.

  • If you’re Sunday experience is boring, the youth will fall asleep aka they will stop coming. More importantly, if your Youth Experience is boring, THEY WILL FALL ASLEEP!
  • It says that there were a bunch of lamps in the room. If you don’t give students a chance to shine in darkness, they will fall asleep due to a lack of opportunity. If all the lamps are in one room, there’s no one shining in the darkness. It will turn into a talent show and students will compare themselves to death. 
  • Don’t keep students on the outskirts. It’s easier to let them be by the windowsill where they won’t cause problems or break anything, but they will wind up breaking their necks. 
  • The number one thing that this passage speaks to me is this: God wants to do miracle and revive the young people that have fallen asleep and died.

That’s the revival I pray and hope happens in students lives. That students would be awoken and return to a relationship with their Father. I’ve grown fond of a declaration that God has put in my heart.

            “We won’t settle for anything but revival.”

What else do you see in this passage that I may have missed? Did you check the links to other media spread throughout this post? 

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