Everybody Nap Now!

ImageYou know what my favorite time of day is? Naptime. Every time.  There is nothing more magical than a nap. I dare you to find something better. You can’t. So quit trying (unless you’re thinking of Jesus then I remind you that Jesus took naps…)! 

I know exactly where I got my passion for the napirical arts. My mama. I get it from my mama. Make your jokes, go ahead. I’ll wait. But seriously. My kind beautiful sassy fantastic momma (as we spell it in the dirty south) would always take naps whenever she got tired. 

Every day she goes home from being the best youth pastor I know (she’s a secretary at a large high school), she goes to the couch, takes a magical nap, then watches Jeopardy (I’m convinced that when I watch it with her, she plays a DVR recording so she seems like she knows all the answers). It’s funny what that nap means to her.

My mom has figured something out:  you’re not at your best when you’re tired. I’ve seen her get up from a nap and deep clean an entire house like she was a warrior facing hoards of enemies single handedly. I’ve seen her sleep in on a Saturday and then tackle the rest of the week like she was a one-man defensive unit!

 The truth is, I love naps but I rarely take one. I know I need sleep, but I rarely get enough. The hustle and bustle of life slows down for no one. If you want to be successful you have to sacrifice sleep. THAT is a huge lie. Studies show that if you want to be successful, its recommended you realize the power of sleep.

I believe when we sleep it reminds us that God is in control. That we aren’t superhuman. We are simply human. It’s a beautiful thing to rest in the face that God knows what He wants from us. I’m pretty sleepy as I write this. I think I’ll go take a nap, on my little plastic kindergarten mat… #memories

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