Jesus, The Life of the Party

ImageJohn 2:1-11 NLT (Click here to Read)

As Jesus performs the miracle of turning the water into wine, the word “servant” comes up a few times. Mary (the virgin, not the hooker) tells the servants at the party, “Do whatever he tells you.”

I could imagine them being at this fancy wedding (or shindig or hoe-down depending on what part of the country you’re from) and they are trying their hardest to make it a great even and then the wine goes out. Party over. No more fun. Just awkward Christian dancing.

Then, this lady tells the servants, not even the guy in charge. She just gathers all the servants, looking all confused and frazzled (I like that word), and tells them “Do WHATEVER this guy says!” Be obedient to this guy. He’s your new master. Get your orders from him. Get your directions from him. This guy here, he has the Solution! 

All eyes go to Jesus. They don’t know this guy. Why should they? He was just the carpenter’s son. Why should they listen to this lady either? She wasn’t in charge. She was simply there along with her people, just like everyone else. But she spoke up. I can imagine her saying, “I don’t have the answer, but I know that there was a promise made to me concerning this guy. This may not fall under the same category but it’s worth a shot to put Jesus on the line. DO WHATEVER HE TELLS YOU!”

She simply points them to look to Jesus. And Jesus, being the Life of the Party (punny), tells them: “Fill the jars with water.” No no, not the win skins or the wine casks. The water jugs. Fill those up. Jesus takes the attention off the wine and puts it on the water. Why would He do this? Because Jesus had something in mind.

He takes what the servants considered ordinary and boring and He grabs their expectations and turns it into living, changing, exciting new wine! Oh to be there! Jesus, in a matter of moments, brings REVIVAL to this wedding! A new, fresh, incredible wine!

I can see the servants, dipping out some liquid, formerly water, but they can’t be sure because they haven’t tasted it yet for themselves. They bring it to the person that moments before had felt the weight of the responsibility of the party on his shoulders! The party was over! They were already going home! He stops when they call out to him, deeply disappointed in himself and in his ability to orchestrate this event, and solemnly takes the cup in his hand. The servants are all looking at him with this gleam in their eyes, like they knew something he didn’t. As he brings the cup to his lips and tastes, his senses are overloaded.

This wine connoisseur, who had tasted it all and seen it all, loses himself in this moment. He runs, pushing past the servants and the crowd, calling loudly to the bridegroom. “What is this? You have brought out the best! I’ve never seen this! I’ve never tasted this! You’ve given the best wine even now, when we all thought it was over!”

The bridegroom, looks at his beautiful bride, and smiles. He smiles because he knows the truth of what happened. That the Holy Spirit would pour out a fresh revival on what looked to be a doomed wedding and through it, all of the glory and attention would be rested on the bridegroom as he came for His bride.

As the party breaks out with even more pizzaz and excitement than before, you see a figure leave quietly. Unassuming, humble, He gathers his friends and His mother and walks out the door. I see Mary, look back once at the beautiful wedding and she has a tear falling down her face. She is both happy and sad, for she is overwhelmed at the realization that the promise made to her will come to fulfillment.

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