All Tatted Up

ImageI’ve been considering doing something crazy for quite some time now. Not like straightjacket crazy, but definitely get you some weird looks busting up into church. I’ve been considering getting a tattoo. Actually, I want a bunch.

I’ve got a few ideas. I want to get an anchor (wait! Before you judge me for being trendy, let me finish), that has one side in the shape of an infinity symbol. I would send you a picture but it would be stolen and used just as I have stolen it from someone else.

The one I really want is a roaring lion on my right forearm. I think it would be bad to the bone and it has a ton of personal meaning. Hosea 11:10 “They shall walk after the Lord. He will roar like a lion. When He roars, Then His sons shall come trembling from the west” It’s a beautiful prophesy of how God’s son’s will come back from the west. From the sunset or their lives and dreams. It’s something to remember to be looking for the lost.

I want a tattoo of Louisiana over my chest. I want a Batman signal on my back. I want a tattoo in the shape of a cattle brand on my butt that says “property of _____.” After I get married I want to put my wife’s name in the blank.

Tattoos are such an emotionally charged topic where I’m from. It’s this set up that if you get a tattoo you’re no longer respectable. You’re doomed to be an outcast and someone that cannot make wise decisions. I think that is so sad. I wonder how often we let culture influence our decision of what we believe to be respectable and what isn’t.

My birthday is coming up. There’s a high likely-hood that I will be getting a tattoo in celebration of having made it this far. It’s also to give a symbol to what God has done in my life. We will see which one I get…

What are your personal views on tattoos?

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